Privacy Policy

Privacy with foremost Seriousness and maintained

There are a few different ways where personal data is composed and recycled by us.

Our Privacy statement below explains what data we collect and what we do with it. It also enlightens how the rights of all individual whose personal information we are dealing with, is efficiently protected and satisfied. Our Privacy Policy explains:

  • What nature and extent of individual/private information we collect and how we gather it and why.
  • Usage of information.
  • The possibilities and procedures we offer to individuals to fulfil their right towards Privacy, counting in what way to access and update information.

We’ve tried to keep this as simple and summarizing as conceivable. Please evaluate the Policy before you share any personal information with us. By using this website additional and providing us with your personal information, you are indicating your consent for the same.

Please be aware that these could be swotted and updated to make our practices towards Privacy better and stronger.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in the law as per company norms and our data management practices, the features of our services or Website. The restructured Privacy Policy will be published on this website. If we make significant and important changes to this Policy, we will provide a more prominent notice on the same on our website and/or through other announcements.

Our Assurance to Privacy Acts and Regulations:
  • We are committed to maximum levels of compliance towards the applicable Privacy acts and regulations where we offer our Services to We do not share any personal information without your explicit permission.

If you have any questions contact us at

Privacy Notification

Last updated on June 1 2018

What Evidence we accumulate

We collect information in the following areas:

Information you provide us while signing-up for or maintaining an account, registering for any event with us else receiving a service from us;

We gather information through recommendations from users, your employers or others;

Your data that collected from third parties, including, in some circumstances, publicly obtainable directories, as part of our marketing activities;

Information collected through the above means will be limited to:

  • Customer details i.e..Name, hand phone number, email address etc.
  • Job title and professional details.
  • Billing related information (where applicable).
  • Any information relevant to incident appearance.
  • Thoughts and other information requested, provided by you through website and other channels.

While using our website, we may collect inevitably and explore certain information, which includes unique browser identifiers, IP addresses, browser and effective system information, device identifiers, geographical location and other apparatus specific information, and Internet connection information.


We use cookies to store visitor first choice, record period information record user-specific information on which pages users access or visit, alert visitors to new areas that we think might be of interest to them when they reappearance to our website, record historical activity at a website in order to provide improved services when visitors return to website, we also ensure that visitors are not repeatedly sent the same banner ads, and to customize web page content based on visitors’ browser type or other information that the visitor sends.


This website does not provide services to children below the age of 18 years. If found, notification received from any child under the age of 18 yeas the policy gets invalid, and will gets deleted.

Usage of Collected Information
  • Composed information could be utilized in following manner:
    • The sign-up particulars are stored in our database and used for further documentation as and where applicable, for authentication commitments.
    • To send you positive information on areas that are of interest and relevant to you; counting information about our new contributions, including proceeding event that could be of worth to you. These will be sent only as per your consent for the same.
  • For our appropriate interests in conducting business, such as:
    • Justify your requests on selected services;
    • Respond to your queries;
    • Otherwise communicate with you about your account;
    • Conduct research and analysis;
    • Enforcement the legal terms that govern our websites and services;
  • The technical and related User end data collected will be used for the following purposes:
    • Monitoring and evaluating to ensure effective and effective system enactment and usage.
    • Identification and proactive handling of any technical issues.
    • Troubleshooting and provision purposes.
  • In this process, we also will be using third party services and tools, where necessary, such as Google analytics.

  • We don’t contour the users or using the personal information either manually or in an involuntary manner, for any purpose other than rightfully required as a part of delivering and supporting the designated service from us.
  • We never use the personal data provided to us for any drive other than those which are comprehensive in this privacy Policy.
Discloser of Personal Data
  • The evidence provided by an individual will be disclosed to and be accessible by only limited, designated personnel within the organization. The personal information could be part of any of the registered companies within the Insight and Reports corporate and its subsidiary companies.
  • Certain personal data may also be shared with designated Service/solution providers who act as sub-processors for designated purposes, such as sending emails, Analytics, monitoring and troubleshooting etc. We contractually require our service providers, and affiliates who may use personal informations related to the Services to provide the same level of guards for personal data as required under the Principles and applicable laws and regulations. We do not handover personal data to any third party their own use, but only for our genuine business purposes as a part of our services and deliverables.
  • In agreement with our legal obligations, we may also transfer personal data, subject to a lawful requests and requirements to government authorities for law enforcement or national security purposes; where required and applicable. We may also disclose personal information, where otherwise required by law.
Data storage / Transfer
  • The Data collected will be stored in the protected servers and systems owned and managed by Insights and Reports.
  • The data might be stored or transferred within or outside the region of gathering, in order to accomplish the agreed and legalized processing.
Data Storage Limitations
  • We accomplish to store Customer personal particulars only for as long as required to justify the purposes for which it was collected, and in accord to the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • The information is removed under specific request from your end and ensuing concurrence on the same from our end.
In what ways your Data is secured with us

We use Data Security Processor and we assure an absolute safe and secured system. All our systems and processes are planned & designed in such a manner which keeps Security and Privacy in mind.

A healthy and strong Information Security Management system (ISMS) is established within our organization that administers the systems and practices. This Internal system is established and managed in configuration with global best practices and standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013. The system is subject to robust controls counting ongoing monitoring, periodically. Security testing, internal/external audits and certifications.

We contractually encompass our service providers and affiliates who may process data related to the services to deliver the equal level of securities for data as and when required under the concerned applicable laws and regulations.

When the environments require, we use encryption technology and authentication tools to protect information that you may provide to our website. In addition, our employees are professionally guided to such an extent where these informations are to be carried out only in accordance with the principles, of this Website Privacy Policy, or altered information security policies and procedures we may implement from phase wise where the laws applicable to each precise business.

We use encryption technology and confirmation tools to safeguard information that you provide through our website. In adding, our employees are professionally guided in such a manner that such information is to be used only in accordance with the principles of this Website Privacy Policy.

Informations / Questions

All your queries or information about the policy, you may contact us via the means provided on this site.

These terms & conditions shall be governed by and taken in harmony with the laws of India.

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