Consulting Studies

We at insights and reports also provide consulting studies to our clients. Such service involves a long term association with the clients assisting them right from the commencement of the project till the end, working hand-in-hand. Some of the services offered by our consulting division include:

  • Product analysis prior to launching
  • Patent application and filing
  • Product commercialization
  • Technological development and up-gradation
  • Product portfolio enhancement
  • Portfolio enhancement & expansion

We also have a dedicated team of consultants who follow a 5 step approach to deliver a full-fledged tailored study to our clients:

  • Objective Identification: This step involves identification of the problem and the possible outcome. This step is also necessary to understand the background of both the parties.
  • Objective Diagnosis: In this phase, our team of consultants engages with the client to understand the problem and chalk out a clarification, using several approaches to extract more information. The team majorly focuses on the symptoms causing the problem, following an extensive analysis of the gathered information, which are then re-validated by industry veterans.
  • Plan of Action: This step involves formulating the plan of action for addressing the core problem, which also involves setting up of specific targets and time-frame.
  • Implementation: Involves implementation of the actions that has been planned and to keep a check on the momentum during implementation. This phase is supported by continuous on-site market surveys.
  • Evaluation & Termination: This step analyses the check on the status of the problem in hand: whether the problem has been solved, quality assurance, etc. Post successful evaluation, the decision rests on the client whether to continue with the project or to terminate the project.