Syndicate Studies

Our syndicate studies gather latest developments and trends related to the market. Insights and reports, with its expertise, assist clients to gauge the market to provide them with an edge over their competitors. Our wide range of syndicated off the shelf market research studies from varied sectors are easily available for access and have helped our esteemed clients to take strategic decisions.

At Insights and Reports, we publish more than 200+ research studies every year, covering more than 60 industries at the global, regional and across countries as well. Several Fortune 500 companies have relied on our immaculate analysis to fuel their strategic business decisions. With access to several industry databases, gathering data from reliable secondary sources and following an extensive research methodology, our teams of analysts bring out the best possible solution for our clients, chalking out their next move.

Our syndicated research services provide detailed solutions to the following concerns, but not limited to..:

  • Factors affecting market growth : We provide detailed information of the key factors responsible for the growth and slowdown of a market and key opportunity areas for the market.
  • Market estimation and forecast : We provide quantitative as well as qualitative information in the form of market estimates and trends for both value and volume for a period of 8 to 10 years, depending on the client’s need.
  • Price trend analysis : Our syndicated studies also feature price trend analysis of the products that are covered in a market. Prices are accumulated through store checks, and from reliable industry databases which are then re-validated by industry veterans and our own expert panel
  • Segment & sub-segment analysis : We provide in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of the segments that are included in specific market
  • Regional & Country Analysis : We cover six regions (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America) and the major countries falling under those regions and provide detailed qualitative and quantitative information of the segments concerning a particular market across the countries and regions
  • Competition Landscape : We map the major companies operating in a particular market and provide with a detailed profiling of those companies which includes key information such as, company overview, financials, business strategies, production capacity analysis, and key developments among others. Additionally, we also highlight some more key facts such as company market share analysis, competition dashboard analysis, heat map analysis and brand share analysis among others.

The above mentioned pointers are a part of our standard syndicated research services. Additional customizations are done based on client preference. Clients are eligible for free customization of 30% on our syndicated reports. Further, we also provide analyst support post procurement of the study to help clients with queries and concerns to arrive at a fruitful solution. Further, the contents (estimates and qualitative information) are continuously updated on a quarterly basis to provide up to date events brewing in the market such as latest product launches, government regulations, merger/acquisition scenario, business expansions and various others.