consumer goods

Consumer goods cover a large portfolio of goods that includes both food and non-food items that are intended to satisfy the consumer demands. Such goods are classified into fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and slow moving consumer goods (SMCG). The definitions of both are typically based on how fast the good is sold to the consumers. FMCG goods are such goods that includes the product categories of food items, personal care, apparel, footwear, household cleaning products, tobacco, pet food products among others whereas SMCG goods are such goods that have a longer life cycle and it includes furniture, household appliances and other home improvement products. Such products has a lower frequency in sales and are not rapidly consumed like FMCG products. Consumer towards different goods are reshaped by two powerful pressure. First one includes penetration of the smart phones, presence of online retail outlets, advertisements through social media. The second one is influx of private capital in several retail startups that encourages consumers to increase the expenditure. In recent years retailers are much more focused to create direct to consumer links in order to protect the profits from the rivals.