Healthcare IT

Rising demand for better healthcare facilities across the globe is highly supported by technological advancements. Healthcare providers are focusing on shifting to updated technologies in order to increase market presence. Accessibility to smartphones, and cloud computing are increasingly being adopted in healthcare services in order to enhance patient experience.

Rising pressure to reduce healthcare expenditures is one of the key factors responsible for the growth of the healthcare IT market. Further the influx of telemedicine is expected to transform the healthcare services, by allowing patients in remote areas to connect with healthcare providers situated in the nearest city. The western world is a prime market for telemedicine due to high amount of investments that are made in creating the necessary infrastructure. However, lack of proper infrastructure in the developing economies is restraining the market growth for telemedicines. According to Insights and Reports, the global IT healthcare outsourcing market was valued at US$ 50 billion 2017.

Robotic surgery is another lucrative field of performing surgeries. Such surgeries help the doctors to perform complex surgeries with flexibility and precision. Rapid recovery, reduced pain, lower risk of infections and reduced stays in hospital are some of the other benefits offered by robotic surgeries. However, most hospitals refrain from robotic surgeries due to its high costs.