Alcoholic Drinks

Volume consumption of alcoholic drinks have witnessed an uprising over the past few years, especially in the emerging economies, and the same is majorly predominant among the younger population. Volume consumption of alcoholic beverages in China crossed the 55 billion liters mark in 2014 and the same is expected to show and upward trend in the coming years. Rapidly increasing middle class population, coupled with pressurizing workplace culture has given rise to increasing consumption of alcohol. The trend is further driven by ‘drinking with colleagues and clients’, which according to the Chinese population is considered to be a vital factor in career enhancement. In addition, volume consumption of spirits is greater compared to beer and wine in China, compared to other countries. According to World Bank, per capita consumption of alcoholic drinks stood at 7.6 liters in 2015.

Moreover, volume consumption of alcohol in India has also witnessed a surge in recent times, which is primarily attributed to rising younger population, increasing purchasing power of the consumers and various others. High population is another key factor resulting in the significant growth in consumption of alcohol. India ranks the third in alcohol consumption in terms of revenue. Whisky is the most preferred alcoholic drinks among the populace and India is considered to be one of the largest markets for whisky as well. According to Insights and Reports, the country consumed more than 1.7 billion liters of whisky in 2017, making it one of the leading whisky consuming country in the world.

Germany is one of the few countries where drinking alcohol in public places is considered as legal, and such products can be found from supermarkets to movie halls, and the price of beer in the country is almost as the same as water. However, the consumption of alcohol is experiencing a downturn. 2016 witnessed a meager 10% alcohol consumption in consumers aged 12-18. Alcohol consumption among the teenage population has also witnessed a decline. Several consumers are refraining themselves from the consumption of alcohol as the same has resulted in weight increase and growing tiredness. The sale of artisanal and craft products witnessed a rise along with premium products. The rise demand for craft beer in the country has given a rise to several number of microbreweries as well.