Food And Feed Ingredients

Food and Feed Ingredients

Food ingredients consist of natural and synthetic substances that can be used as food additives, flavorings, colorants, emulsifying agents, regulators, blenders and thickeners among others in the form of minerals and vitamins in food products in order to improve the quality, nutritional value, shelf life, safety, and appearance among others. Food ingredients are imperative for the flavor, nutrition, safety, color and convenience.

The natural food ingredients market has gained significant traction in the food ingredients market over the past decades on account of rising awareness regarding the diseases and illnesses that are caused due to unhealthy diets due to which they are resorting to healthier food items, which in turn is fuelling the market growth for natural food ingredients. This factor has also led the manufacturers operating in the industry to shift their focus towards manufacturing natural ingredients over its synthetic counterparts. Further, functional food ingredients have also witnessed a significant transition and gained a high amount of awareness among the consumers and manufacturers of food and beverage products. Functional food and beverage products go beyond the basic nutrition properties that are offered by mainstream food and beverage products.