General Retail Products

General Retail Products

Products are sold through retail are inclusive of stationery products, apparels and footwear, sports equipment, do-it-yourself (DIY) products, tobacco products & substitutes, gems & jewelry, and various others. These product find wide usage in the daily lives of the consumers.

Stationery Products

Demand for stationery products is mainly driven by the rising literacy rate, rising penchant for premium stationery products such as pens and marking instruments, rising number of schools and educational institutions. Further, rising initiatives from the government to improve the public education system in the developing economies such as Asia Pacific, Middle East and Latin America is another key factor fuelling market growth for stationery products. According to Insights and Reports, literacy rate in India crossed 70% in 2016.

Apparel and Footwear

Rising concerns toward health and wellness has created an urge among the population to participate outdoor and indoor sports activities, which in turn created a surge in demand for athletic footwear. Further, rapid penetration of several e-commerce companies has ignited a price war between them, which has led to the influx of several offers/discounts and promotional activities on several products including footwear, which in turn has proved to be a boon among the consumers. These factors are greatly responsible for the growth of the footwear market. Moreover, the apparel industry plays an imperative role in the development of a country’s economy by way of creation of employment and revenue generation. The industry is witnessing a significant transition due to high price competency and global sourcing among others. Factors such as increasing brand consciousness among consumers, and increasing purchasing power are influencing the growth of the apparels industry.

Sports Equipment

The number of sports activities has witnessed a rapid increase across the globe in recent years. Advent of several leagues in cricket, football, basketball, and hockey among others has paved the way for different types of sports equipment’s. Bats & clubs, wickets & bases, racquets, protective wear, footwear, balls, nets and goals are some of the popular equipment’s that are used for sports. Rising awareness regarding the maintenance of a healthy and active lifestyle has create an urge among the millennial to engage themselves in sporting activities. Further, rapid penetration of e-commerce companies has further boosted the demand for sports equipment. E-commerce has enabled the manufacturers operating in this industry to address a broader consumer base.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Products

Do-it-yourself (DIY) open doors to knowledge, new skills, and satisfaction that comes from building a product from scratch, has set a rapid pace for the growth of this industry. Millenials are majorly inclined towards DIY products for home decoration purposes. Rapid usage of DIY products has given rise to the practice of recycling as well. Further, the rising demand for DIY products has urged the retailers to alter their thought process and focus more innovation and provide a customer rich experience.

Tobacco Products and Substitutes

The global tobacco industry is expected to witness a slowdown in the coming years on account of rising awareness among consumers regarding health and well. This factor is also supported by rising government campaigns regarding the ban of tobacco products. These factors have led to a shift in the sale of cigarettes from the developed markets such as Europe, where the prevalence of smoking is witnessing a downturn and the tobacco manufacturers are facing stringent government policies to the developing markets such as Asia Pacific, where the tobacco manufacturers take advantage of the relaxed policies and regulations, rising population and increasing disposable income of consumers. 2016 witnessed a significant increase in the sale of cigarettes in Middle East and Asia Pacific while the other regions witnessed decrease in the sale of cigarettes.

Gems and Jewelry

The global gems and jewelry sales is witnessing an uplift on account of increasing prices for gold, silver and precious gems in the international market. Brand internationalization and rising demand for male costume jewelry are some of the key factors responsible for the growth of the gems and jewelry market at present. India is a key market for gems and jewelry. According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), Russia, Singapore, U.S., U.A.E., and China are the largest importers of Indian jewelry. Further, India exports approximately 75% of the world’s polished diamonds.


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