Home Care

Home care products include air care products, dish washing products, insecticides, laundry care products, polishes, surface care products, toilet care products, and home d├ęcor products among others. Lifestyle transitions and rising per capita income of consumers have resulted in an increased demand for home care products over the years. Appliance brands and online retailers such as JD.com and Amazon are increasing involving themselves in the home care industry. Hygiene is a key factor for the growth of the home care market with consumers across various income groups are looking to maintaining a safe environment in their households. Fragrances are playing an important role in the home care industry as countries such as Japan, were the fragrance industry was going through a slow growth phase, has picked up in recent years.

Demand for washing machine has witnessed a significant increase and the trend is expected to continue throughout the forecast period. According to Insights and Reports, washing machine sales in India is expected to cross the US$ 4 billion mark by the end 2021. Further, rising demand for automation has created an uplift in the demand for dishwashers, especially in the emerging economies. The demand for dishwashers in Middle East and Africa is expected to witness a positive growth trajectory in the coming years. The revenue generated by the dishwasher industry in Middle East and Africa was valued at US$ 600 million in 2015. Further, according to Insights and Reports, unit shipment of dishwashers is expected to cross the 8.80 million units mark by the end of 2020. The rising demand for dishwashers has stirred the demand for dishwashing products, which in turn is augmenting market growth of the home care sector. Asia Pacific is expected to project the fastest growth during the forecast period with India, China and Japan expected to spearhead the market in the coming years.

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